I want to thank all of the Lads for being there for me last year. My heart was breaking as my Grandma (above) was so very sick and Celtic Thunder was there for me. I went on the Cruise because my Grandpa wished it and my Grandma would wanted me to.

I thought my Grandma was going to pass away while on the Cruise, but she didn’t, and held on until the day before the concert at Win Star World Casino in Thackerville Oklahoma on December 15th. My Family decided to let my Grandma go and be at Peace with our Lord and Savior, and not suffer anymore. Then my Grandpa looked at me and said “You’re going to the concert, right? I want you to have a Blast of fun at the show.”

Mom & I went to the show on December 16th, and I was so very sad because my Grandma passed away the day before the show, but I had a lot fun at the show. The guys did an incredible job and I also had a VIP Artist Event Pass for after the show. Ryan and Damian were there, and when it was time to take pictures with the guys, I walked up to Ryan and he put his arm around me and asked if I was keeping well. I said "I am ok, my Grandma passed away yesterday", and he said “Oh Ashley I am so sorry for your Loss”. Ryan has been a dear friend to me for the past 10 years, and Damian a dear friend since this past Cruise.

I am so grateful to the Lads for not only their music, but their friendship too. Their friendship to me means more to than they will ever know, so thank you Lads for being a huge part of my life for the past 11 years. I am truly blessed and honored to call of you all dear friends, I love all the Lads very much.

The photos with Emmet, Ryan, Damian and the other with all of the lads are from this past cruise. The photo with Ryan and Damian is from the show Last Year!!


Ashley Hamilton

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