Lisheen Castle is a beautifully restored Georgian Manor/Castle set in the lush green countryside of Thurles, Co. Tipperary. The castle offers wonderfully appointed luxurious accommodation and well planned excursions as part of an all-exclusive Irish Castle vacation.

For generations, the hulking ruin of Lisheen Castle loomed a kilometer from the Everard family’s 300-acre dairy land in County Tipperary, Ireland. Everard children have played in the shadows of the ruin, perhaps unaware of their exceptional surroundings. But in the 1960s, a young Michael Everard watched more closely as severe Irish seasons slowly consumed the parapets, stone and mortar back into the peaty earth. While working on the family’s farm, young Everard envisioned saving the castle and restoring it to its former glory. Forty years later, alongside his wife, Joan and son Zane, that dream would come to astonishing fruition.

Entering the castle through the great oak door, guests walk into the beautiful hallway, from which the opulent dining room, receptions rooms and library can all be accessed. Following the long corridor, guests can admire the beautiful ash carved staircase, which leads up to 7 luxury en suite bedrooms.

Lisheen Castle aims to combine a historical feel with modern day facilities. The castle is central heated throughout, but all of the reception rooms still feature the traditional “open turf fires”. There are two kitchens, one fully fitted to the highest catering standard and the “old style kitchen” being furnished with pine furniture and terracotta floor. Laundry services are also available in the castle.


The bedroom suites in Lisheen Castle are decorated and furnished to ensure that guests can enjoy the splendour of former years without compromising on the comforts of today. In total there are 9 luxury en-suite bedrooms (6 Doubles, 1 Twin and 2 Singles) at the castle. The Master Suite has a wonderful four-poster bed. All suites are equipped as follows: central heating throughout, direct dial telephone, internet connection and television.


For that formal dinner, with a very special touch of splendour, the dining room in Lisheen Castle cannot be surpassed. The Regency dining room table seats fourteen guests in comfort.

The ceiling in this room is decorated with Celtic murals, depicting scenes from Ancient Ireland, such as Fionn Mac Cumhaill (Finn McCoole), Deirdre, Grainne and Oisin. Again, the room has a marvellous open white marble fireplace to add to the warmth of the atmosphere. While Lisheen Castle is self-catering, arrangements can be made to provide a top-class chef and catering team.


When guests wish to be less formal, they usually decide to unwind in the library. Just imagine, relaxing after an enjoyable day in the Irish countryside. It is not a co-incidence that the library is conveniently located right beside the cellar!

For that quiet moment of relaxation and contemplation, just fill your glass with the best of Irish Whiskey and consider how wonderful life really is. The unique mixture of the aroma of an Irish turf fire, blended with the taste of an Irish Malt, is one of life’s greatest experiences. A broad range of reading material is always available, with a special emphasis on Irish history and country living.


The Drawing Room in Lisheen Castle is the centrepiece of the building. The style of the ceiling is Vaulted Norman and has been restored with a wonderful  “trompe L’oeil” painted scene. It is furnished to the highest standards, to ensure guests can relax and enjoy the comfort of this beautiful room.

The atmosphere of the drawing room is even further enhanced by the wonderful white marble Adams style fireplace. Guests really appreciate the scent of the open turf fires, a true Irish delicacy!

While relaxing in this room, visitors can peruse the famous Tipperary rural landscape through the double height Elizabethan windows, through which the morning sun shines. This is an experience well worth savoring.