We got some great photos for our Fan club corner this month. Some of the photos featured are from the cruise and our VIP events. The VIP events are very special for us, as it’s a great time to meet the fans up close and personal. The guys are very much looking forward to the big tour in September and especially the VIP events. We spoke to Neil about the VIP gatherings and he had the following to say “You’re out on the road and its wonderful, the response you receive, the energy and love you get on stage and then you get to meet the wonderful fans, chat to them and hang out at the VIP events. It is truly a wonderful experience.” Send on any photos you would like included to

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Keep sending us your fab photos, we’re loving them!




Steve and Julie Hunnicutt are Celtic Thunder fans since the very beginning 10 years ago. They've attended many concerts and VIP events but have also got to visit the hometowns of all the guys on two recent trips to Ireland and Scotland. This beautiful photo was taken when they were in Dublin last year. I think it looks like they were both enjoying themselves:-)



Bob Snyder and his Mom Rose from Ocala, Florida, attended the 2017 cruise together. Bob said they had an awesome time full of great memories...This picture was taken when they got their photos taken and met all of the Celtic Thunder guys on board the ship.



Margaret Sanson and Alice Rears went on the 2017 Celtic Thunder Cruise together, to celebrate their 60th year of being friends/sisters since meeting as Fresh Women in college. They look very well in their Yoda tee-shirts, which they were specifically wearing for Ryan as they had heard he is a Yoda fan:-)



Neil and Damian with Russ Evans and Elaine Konkel at the VIP event after the Celtic Thunder show in Chicago Theatre in December 2017. Russ and Elaine have both sung in a 100-voice church choir for many years, which may account for their love of Irish Music in general but the "Lads" in particular!



Iain Winton is a great Celtic Thunder fan. Iain Plays in a "wee music group Down Under" called Celtic Connection they love the music of Celtic Thunder and include their songs in their concerts which, they do for Old Folks homes in New South Wales. One of their favorite’s being "All Gods Creature got a place in the Choir". All of their work is voluntary and last year they did 60 concerts so they do keep busy! The attached photo is a recent one from a Concert they did for St. Andrews day and in the photo, is Iain’s 101-year-old mother, Allanah Waddell who was born in Scotland ...He puts her longevity down to being brought up on "mice & tatties" she certainly looks fantastic on it. Also, in the photo is Iain’s wife, Robyn and friend, Michele. They also help out at the concerts. They are all hoping that Celtic Thunder will visit their shores again very soon.



Sarah Snyder drove 5 hours from St. Louis to attend the Chicago concert and VIP event but she said meeting Emmet and Ryan who were so gracious and David who was hilarious (as usual!) at the VIP event made it all worthwhile:-)



Bunnie Hultgren sent this great picture, taken by Becky Burkes daughter at the recent Pittsburgh concert of Emmet’s Street team (see if you are there). Bunnies particularly proud of it as her six gorgeous grandchildren are right up front Oakes, Hayes, Abby, John, Theresa and Lena to say it’s a Celtic Thunder family thing :-)