Sliced pan is co convenient for many families, the idea of life without it is unimaginable, but why not try this really easy recipe, it’s made in minutes. You can bake it in a round in the traditional way or like this in a loaf tin which is more convenient for slicing or sandwiches.


1 lb (450g) white flour, preferably unbleached
1 level teaspoon teaspoon salt
1 level teaspoon bread soda
sour milk or buttermilk to mix – 15 flozs (425 ml) approx.
Oatmeal, sesame seeds or kibbled wheat (optional)


First fully preheat your oven to 230ºC/450ºF/regular

Sieve the dry ingredients.

Make a well in the centre.  

Pour most of the milk in at once.

Using one hand, mix in the flour from the sides of the bowl, adding more milk if necessary. The dough should be softish, but not too wet.

When it all comes together, turn it out onto a well floured worked surface.  Scoop it into the oiled tin, sprinkle with oatmeal and sesame or kibbled wheat seeds if you enjoy them.

Place the tin in the hot oven, 230ºC/450ºF

Immediately turn down the temperature 200°C/400ºF/ and bake for 45 minutes.

Remove from the tin and replace back in the oven for another 5-10 minutes or until fully cooked.

If you are in doubt, tap the bottom of the bread: if it is cooked it will sound hollow.

Cool on a wire rack.