Ever slept in a lighthouse? Or how about a medieval castle? Ireland’s accommodation is extremely varied – you’ll find a warm welcome and a tasty meal wherever your adventures take you. We’ve got the lowdown on Ireland’s accommodations, from historical castles, cozy bread & breakfast and luxurious 5 star hotels.

All B&B homes provide convenient and comfortable accommodation in a personal and homely atmosphere. You will find homes relaxing and ideal for getting to know your host, without losing any of the privacy you’re accustomed to in other accommodation types.
B&B hospitality in Ireland means a warm welcome, consideration and willingness to help you during your visit with local knowledge.

The choice of town house B&Bs runs from detached, semi-detached to large period houses in a city, town or village. Many are in an ideal location for city visits and shopping, they are often close to train and bus services.

Country homes are those in a rural setting. They offer a wide selection of premises such as Georgian residences, modern bungalows and traditional Irish homes. All with modern amenities, facilities and adequate garden and green surrounds.

The Farmhouse B&B is a house on a working farm. It is a traditional or modern farmhouse all with modern amenities and facilities located in rural Ireland. Any home offering a holiday on a farm will allow safe access to the farm to enjoy the countryside setting in a safe environment.

Historic Houses are private houses of significant historical and architectural merit and character. They are based in towns and rural settings.